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The Somazzi gentlemen, expert watchmakers, personally take care of the repairs of watches and clocks.


In every restoration carried out, the utmost attention is paid, so that all the pieces are original at the time of belonging of the object itself.

We are always very pleased to be able to explain to the client all the phases of the restoration necessary to restore the original splendor to the object, as well as making it fully functional.

We are also available for advice, surveys and research of watches and special pendulums, at the request of the client.

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«Restoration» the new life of a watch. When a clock enters the Somazzi watchmaking laboratory, it will surely come out with a perfectly renewed heart; new life and many years of life, even when it comes to pieces that are already two hundred or more years old. The movement is opened and all the gears completely disassembled, placed in a first bath of specific substances, followed by an ultrasound bath. At this point each piece is ready to be checked.

All anomalies are detected such as pin scratches, time wear, spring defects etc. All damaged parts are replaced or repaired. We remount the movement to also check the wear of the holes. The holes are rectified after dismantling the whole mechanics. All parts are washed again and only at this point we enter the last phase, in which the watch is reassembled, oiled and controlled.


Examination of watches and clocks.
An expertise can also start using a photo shoot of the object.

Normally we carry out an in-depth research, bibliographic, historical, market and appropriate checks in auctions, in order to determine a real value. This value naturally has a value mainly addressed for insurance purposes and not immediate realization.

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Perizie a valore assicurativo orologi - Somazzi Lugano


Research of particular clocks and pendulums.
We do everything possible to find an object desired by the customer.

Our extensive relationships with colleagues in Switzerland and in many European countries allow us to have precise information on very rare and interesting items.

Do not hesitate to contact us, you are just one step between your desire and a beautiful object.