Our tradition of six generations

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The one and a half century activity of the Somazzi Watchmaking in Lugano is a unique and rare story that sprouts from healthy, solid and laborious roots. The same Patek Philippe, one of the most prestigious Swiss watchmaking houses, has declared that its customers who can boast such an ancient life are counted on the fingers of one hand.

The engagement and the ideas of the successive generations that have always followed one another in the same store in Via Nassa 36 unfold over time and develop with constancy and tenacity, affirming the values, competence and professionalism of a large family. The vicissitudes of the Somazzi family, patricians of Breganzona and a family that has always been known and respected in the Canton Ticino, fully embody the best characters of the most authentic, sober and responsible people of Ticino.

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The family, in its most complex articulation in the centuries of the many Somazzi, emerges as relevant in particular from the files kept in the archive of the Capuchin Convent of Lugano, as well as many other historical documents, as the references to the ancestor Domenico Somazzi , died in 930 AD, Colonel with the task of controlling Leventina and Blenio, in the Swiss National Archives of Zurich which also houses a portrait of Carlo Somazzi, notable and notary, Captain of the square in Agno. It is known with certainty that a Somazzi Provost of Comano in the 1600s, and perhaps a precursor of today's commercial activity can be considered that Giovan Batta Somazzi who traded in precious stones bought in Venice by merchants coming from the East.

In the 158 years of their history as watchmakers, perhaps the most Swiss of the professions, emerge the abilities of individual extraordinary individuality and the determination of men, in the background, precious and exciting, of the evolution of great watchmaking art.

The time of the Somazzi

1854 - Stefano Somazzi, he began working as a watchmaker's apprentice in Mr. Greco's shop.

1860 - Stefano Somazzi bought the shop to the Greek widow and founded the Somazzi watchmaking.

1892 - Emilio Somazzi took over the shop of his deceased father and continued his commercial activity and began manufacturing pendulums and clocks.

1923 - Salvatore Somazzi began working with his father Emilio after finishing his studies as an optician.

1930 - Remo Somazzi started working as a watchmaker with his brother Salvatore.

1932 - Emilio Somazzi sells his business as well as the watchmaking workshop to his sons Salvatore and Remo.

1970 - Massimo Somazzi, takes over his father's business.

1981 - Roy Somazzi, after finishing his training as a watchmaker and working in the most prestigious Swiss watchmaking factories, reached his father and currently manages the shop.

2007 - Fabio Somazzi, after having completed the training as a repair watchmaker and internships, joins his father Roy.




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