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Standard Tax Refund System

All SOMAZZI clients benefit of 8% Tax Free shopping (for a purchase over CHF 300.-)

lf you use the standard tax free system, you must stop at the Swiss border to have the tax-free papers stamped by a custom officer.

The Swiss customs with 24 hours’ day service are located on all highways or on all airport.

Therefore, we strongly recommend using these custom points only.

Smaller check-points might be closed on week-ends or in the evening and your tax papers will not be stamped.

It is not allowed to leave the tax documents unstamped in the mail box.



We save you time and unnecessary waiting…



The procedure is the following:

 Collect all the tax-free documents to have the papers stamped at the Swiss border.

The custom officer might require seeing the goods, therefore you should have the goods, the sales receipts and the passport ready to be shown.

We need to receive those papers stamped within 30 days starting from the date of purchase.

We deduct the 8% tax directly at the time of sales and take a deposit on the client’s credit card as a warranty.

           If the tax papers were not being returned stamped within 30 days, the credit card deposit will be charged.



 If you need assistance dealing with tax free procedure, please contact us at:


 +41 91 923 32 06



 We thank you for your co-operation and wish you a nice trip.

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